Patient Participation

Patient Participation Meeting Saturday 18th October 2014

Patient Participation Meeting Saturday 18th October 2014

Attendees: Susan Wheatley, Ron Thomas, Mary McMahon, Ann Oliver, Olive McGarthie, Joe Mason, Lorraine Burns, Elsie DaPrato & Olive McGarthie.

Apologies: Catherine Hayles


When we held our Flu Saturday on the 28th September, Ron Thomas and Mary McMahon used this opportunity to encourage patients to join our PPG group and explain to them what it is all about. As hundreds attend this surgery we thought this was an ideal opportunity to do this. We were pleased with the interest we received and Ron took down names and numbers so that he could call them over the next few weeks to invite them to our next meeting. As a result of this we did have an extra 5 patients at the meeting and others that were interested but just weren’t able to make it.

PPG Group:

At the meeting Susan explained what the purpose of the Patient Group is, what they do and a few ground rules.

This meeting was all about having a chat with these patients and seeing whether becoming a member of the Patient Group is something they would be interested in.

Ron Thomas spoke to the group about his involvement and how he is very keen to get the Patient Group up and running again as it has been a struggle over the last year with previous members becoming ill and having to leave.


We still hope to use a room over at Cruddas Park library to hold our meetings so more can attend and talks can be organised and held there. Ron is currently in the process of arranging this. There are funds available if there is a charge for this.


Ron also talked to the group about his recent participation at the Time Out session at Gosforth Race Course, he had no idea so many attended and really enjoyed his afternoon there. He was part of this afternoon due to attending the Patient Forum meetings. He explained to the group what happened at these forums and encouraged other members to come along to the next one.

One of our new members Lorraine Burns would be happy to talk to patients about Dementia Friendly an organisation she is involved in and we all thought this would be very interesting and appealing to many patients. We will try and organise this for the new year.

Next Meeting:

We did not arrange a date for our next meeting as we are aware Christmas is fast approaching, so it was decided that Ron would contact members in the New Year to arrange the next meeting.