Patient Survey

Patient Survey and Report 2013/2014

Updated on March 27, 2014 at 3:01 pm

Cruddas Park and Hillsview Surgeries

Patient Participation Report

We have had a PPG at the practice since 2008, but unfortunately this has not been a very successful year for the group due to members becoming ill. The remaining members of the group are still actively involved with the Newcastle West CCG who have quarterly PPG forum meetings. These meetings bring together all of the West PPG’s. The work they do continues to be valuable in improving the commissioning for the West. One of our members has been voted to represent the PPG for the West.

Two members of the group are trained and accredited walkers and lead a group called the Quayside Stroll on a Tuesday morning which is very popular.

The PPG are due to hold a coffee morning in the next couple of months to encourage more patients to become part of the group and from this various events are going to be organised throughout the year with the first being a Summer Fayre.

We have recently changed our computer system to Emis Web which has been a very demanding process which has required patience and dedication from the team and understanding from our patients. There is no doubt that Emis web is going to result in improving efficiency within the surgeries as the teams knowledge of the system develops.

Patient Survey

We carried out our yearly patient survey and decided to use the GPAQ questionnaire again this year as covered all the question we felt needed to be asked. Around 150 questionnaires were handed out by the reception team to patients at both Hillsview and CruddasPark and these results were analysed separately to see if there were many differences between the properties.

The overall results from the survey were positive but the following issues were identified:

1. On some occasions have to wait 5 days or more to see a particular doctor.

2. The length of time the patients have to wait for the consultation to start.

3. Opening hours are not suitable for everyone.

A meeting was arranged on 26th March 2014 with the PPG to discuss the results from the questionnaire and from this an action plan was put in place for the year, this included:

1. To provide information for the patients when a doctor is running late.

2. Improve the noticeboards within the surgery so patients are aware of services available and any upcoming events.

3. Discuss results of the survey with patients that attend the coffee mornings.

General Practice Assessment Questionnaire – Cruddas Park 2014 General Practice Assessment Questionnaire – Hillsview 2014

Plan for next year

Within the next few months we are installing Televisions in reception which will give us the opportunity to communicate with our patients about all kinds  events and   information relevant to the patients, and feedback any changes that are due to be made.

The surgery is currently working towards the You’re Welcome award, to achieve this we need to provide evidence to show our surgery is welcoming to young people, and changes have been made to ensure this is true. Young people have filled out their own questionnaires which cover areas that are important to them, they have also been offered the chance to become part of a focus group, we did not have an overwhelming response but for the ones that did we are hoping they will join our current  PPG this will be very beneficial as it gives the group views and opinions from a young person which is what we are missing.